for the Indian Community

in Melbourne and Victoria.

This portal is open to every person of Indian origin. We owe moral allegiance and loyalty to both these great countries (i.e India and Australia).

Whether a citizen, or permanent resident or short term / temporary resident we are all ambassadors of India while in Australia and ambassadors of Australia while in India.

So we have the moral responsibility to uphold the good name of both these countries.

The main purpose of this portal currently is to help us all network and bring us all together as responsible and proud people of Indian origin in this great country Australia.

Some of the features and facilities that we will be making available through this portal are: (with the intention of adding some new features later)

    1. Directory of all people of Indian origin (whether Australian citizens, Permanent Residents or Temporary residents) not visitors though. 
    2. Business directory of Indian owned and Resident Indian owned businesses in Victoria
    3.  Highlight achievements and accolades of Indian community / individuals
    4.  Announce Important Events and happenings
    5.  Community Event Calendar
    6.  List all Organisations, Associations, Clubs etc relevant to Indian community
    7.  Links and contact details of Indian Embassy and Consulates etc

                           and with time any thing that we deem necessary to support the Indian community

Can we request that you register your personal details here and also if you own a business, then add the business details on the business directory page.

Please pass the word around or forward the link via e-mail or facebook to your friends and acquaintances for them all to register

PRIVACY: We will maintain individual privacy by not making your registered e-mail and phone numbers public.

However, there will be an option to receive updates of events etc (if you choose to get updated on events and happenings). The notification would come as BCC, so no one will be able to see your e-mail etc.